From the Brief to the Results,


Mutti, because of the brand’s progressive process of globalizing its communication, needed an editorial plan for its Global channels (Facebook and Instagram) that would guarantee coherence between all countries.


Transforming the perception of tomato sauces from “commodity” to “made in Italy excellence”, with a language that takes into account the involvement of various countries.


We shared the value that makes Mutti an international Italian excellence: the obsessive attention to every aspect of production. How? With a production in the Mutti tomato fields -during harvest period- in the middle of summer. A smart production that we followed 360° in all its phases: from pre-production to shooting, up to post-production of photo and video content (panoramic shots and still life, internal and external shots, droning, interviews, etc). The content produced allowed us to populate the editorial plan for a year or more and even open a new global channel on TikTok.


In preparation for the shooting, we set up a macro editorial plan that included the content of a whole year, developing formats that responded to different needs and shared different aspects of the Mutti world. For the final output, footage and shots were enriched with in-house graphics and illustrations. Each month, individual countries have the opportunity to choose from the content proposals offered by the Global channels based on what they deem most appropriate for their market.