From the Brief to the Results,


Prime Video wanted to present The Ferragnez S01, the new docuseries about Italy's most famous and exposed social couple: Chiara Ferragni and Fedez.


The Ferragnez, with over 50M followers, are a polarizing couple, criticism and negative comments are always triggered around them, most often based on prejudice.


We staged an exclusive projection of the show in Golferenzo, a town of 186 inhabitants in the province of Pavia, the only place in Italy where no one knew the two talents. At the end of the projection, we made the residents of the small town become film critics, by asking them to give us their honest, sincere and free from any bias feedbacks on the couple: #RecensioneSenzaFiltri.


94% positive sentiment. Thanks to its funny and self-deprecating ToV, this project successfully mitigated the negative comments of detractors (haters?), shifting the focus to the funnier side of the show and thus of the couple.


The activity had an incredible resonance, reaching 3.1 million people and gaining 4.4 million impressions on Meta platforms, as well as 174,000 views and 100,000 viewing hours on YouTube. In addition, the content was able to generate over 40,000 interactions on social channels.


The activation also had a positive impact on Golferenzo: the village recorded a peak in Google searches, followed by a boom of visitors in the days and months following the publication of our content.

What they say about us,

Effetto Ferragnez, tutti a Golferenzo: da borgo di 187 abitanti a meta turistica dopo la serie

The Ferragnez», Golferenzo il borgo con 180 abitanti preso d'assalto dai turisti dopo la serie tv su Chiara Ferragni e Fedez

The Ferragnez la serie rilancia Golferenzo: da borgo di 180 abitanti a meta turistica