Our services,

Our services,

We have a social DNA and a geek soul that pushes us to study the socio-cultural context in which we live in order to develop and produce campaigns and editorial content that help brands to connect in a relevant way with their audience.

What we do,

We apply our vision to integrated campaigns and ongoing media-neutral strategies, combining the agility and specific skills of a specialized agency with the 360° executive abilities of an integrated agency.




Media & Distribution

all SERVIces,

We believe that the best way to present our services is by showing the final result

Live Streaming & Events

Whether it’s a physical event, a digital event or a Twitch stream, our approach doesn’t change: we create experiences that people want to participate in or discuss online with their friends.
We create meaningful links between physical events and social content, to extend their reach and community engagement.
We support our clients in finding the most effective ways and formats to amplify content and increase the impact of our activations.

Design & Motion

The Creative Production team works side by side with the Creative and Editorial teams to shape our ideas and make them live on different types of platforms and media.
Our content mixes motion graphics, 3D design, animation, illustration and audio.
We study trends and emerging aesthetic canons, as well as the most “pop” ways to create content and instantly make people stoptheir daily infinity scroll.

Videos & Photos

Our approach to video & photo production is one: to create content that people want to share, with which they want to interact and which they want to feel part of.
Our agile and “smart” approach allows us to pull-off productions for all main outputs: long and short-form, behind-the-scenes, social originals and TV commercials.

Branded Content & Co-Creation

We develop branded content projects alongside the creators most relevant to the target.
Starting from the media and the channel on which our audience is located, we co-create content that aims to generate maximum value for the brand and spontaneous sharing by the audience that consumes the content.

Editorial & Content

Our editorial department works in synergy with the Research & Insight team to analyze what people are talking about and transform these insights into editorial formats capable of engaging people and creating conversations that communities want to take part in.

Creative campaigns & concept development

We believe that advertising today shouldn’t interrupt but engage, entertain or earn people’s time. Especially on social media. Starting from insights from emerging subcultures, specific communities or popular and national audiences, we develop campaigns that have the power to spontaneously capture people’s attention, helping brands stand out from the overflowing, irrelevant content that people scroll but never see.


Hello’s creative department consists of four macro roles with complementary skills: creatives, editors, writers and content specialists. This allows us to be able to “contaminate” creative thinking with inputs from different worlds and think of agile, smart production solutions that are easily adaptable to the constant evolution of platforms. Thanks to the synergy between departments, we are able to offer turnkey campaigns to satisfy all of our clients’ needs, regardless of the media.

Influence marketing

Oggi, influencer e creator sono a tutti gli effetti un touchpoint imprescindibile del media mix di un brand. Per questo integriamo alle nostre campagne la componente di influence marketing, occupandoci direttamente di monitoraggio, scouting, co-creazione e sponsorizzazione dei contenuti, fino alla misurazione dei risultati e del ritorno sull’investimento.


Hello’s strategic department is made up of three areas: Research & Insights, Brand & Comms Planning, Media & Influence. This allows us to effectively cover the entire strategic supply chain and to develop projects that make data, cultural analysis and attention to results a fundamental methodological aspect.

Cultural Analysis

We study the evolution of the cultural context and how this affects behaviours, traditions, aesthetic standards and the type of relationship that people establish with brands. Specifically speaking, we analyze niches and subcultures, to track down emerging trends and low intensity signals, useful for decoding the “spirit” of our time.

Social Audit

Today, more than ever, social media platforms are the litmus test of what people think, want and seek. This is why a fundamental part of our research work remains the analysis of conversations on different platforms, useful for identifying specific trending topics, sentiments and insights.

Focus group, interviews, surveys

We constantly mix qualitative and quantitative research methods to test concepts, evaluate the effectiveness of projects, study the perception of a brand more closely, and pinpoint potential barriers. Depending on the need, we identify and develop, alongside the client, the best way to study audiences.

Brand Planning

Insieme ai nostri clienti lavoriamo a diversi aspetti del brand: dall’analisi dello scenario competitivo al positioning, passando per audience profiling, individuazione di territori di brand, costruzione di brand personality e brand guidelines. Lavoriamo inoltre a quattro mani con il reparto creativo nello sviluppo di concept per campagne one-off.

Comms Planning

Le nostre strategie di comunicazione si basano su un’analisi data-driven delle audience, dei loro comportamenti, delle loro abitudini di consumo e dei touchpoint più rilevanti. A questo abbiniamo il setup di specifici framework e relativi KPIs. La misurazione periodica delle performance ci consente poi di valutare le scelte strategico-creative e di intervenire con tempestività laddove necessario.

Media planning & spending

Sviluppiamo strategie media pensate per intercettare community specifiche e massimizzare così l’impatto della creatività e dei nostri prodotti editoriali. Grazie a relazioni solide costruite nel tempo con le principali piattaforme, abbiamo la possibilità di sperimentare costantemente approcci e formati innovativi.