Who we are,

Who we are,

We are a creative agency that earns people’s attention by speaking their own language.

Our story,

This is where we should tell you about all the things that happened in our first 4 years of life. But they’re too many, so we’ll let the images speak.


Here we were just a few, so a single KG of pasta with pesto and 10 seats at the table were enough to have lunch all together in the office.


This was our second Christmas together. The holidays kind of divide the team: some of us love it and some of us hate it. Ugly sweaters, on the other hand, are something we can all agree on.


This is when we realized we’d grown a lot. Such a huge team that to fit all of us in a single photo we had to change offices and move to a Windows XP wallpaper.


This is when we turned our terrace into a festival. It may seem like a masquerade party, but the truth is that most of us dress like this every day.

What we believe in,

Our culture is based on 3 “behaviours” that identify the way we are and how we like to do things. We’ve thought and written them at once and try to live by them, every day.

Dare with your Ideas

Adapt Creatively

Be Exceptional Together

A few numbers,


Our year of birth


53% men 47% women 0% non-binary


Average age


Dog parents


Free beers drank per month